Have you just recently purchased a car or intend selling your existing car? Have you removed the mobile phone from the console​​and have holes in the where the phone was attached? It can be made to look brand new again. Take the time to check the condition of the interior of your car. The holes in the dash or console can be filled and painted with the same colour and with the same texture.

All vinyl trim within the motor vehicle including the door trims and plastic, including the console panels and glove box can be repaired and recoloured to have the interior of your car looking immaculate. The side mouldings and wheel covers are also repaired and recoloured, as with the outside plastic mirror bodies. Don't forget the bumper bar too!

Remember " Think Green - Repair it instead"- for any minor holes, cuts, scratches or tears Mobile Plastic & Vinyl Repairs are the plastic and vinyl repair experts.

Plastic plays an important role in todays lifestyle, unfortunately accidents do happen and quite often its that expensive plastic part that breaks. We offer an effective alternative to buying new parts that can save you time, hassle and a whole lot of money.

We can Repair:
- Motor Vehicle Bumpers
- Headlights
- Grilles
- Consoles                                           Please contact us on telephone No: 0412115977
- Motorcycle Fairings                            Or Email us mobileplastic@mpvr.com.au
- Door Trims
- Dash Pads
- Hoodlinings
- Water Tanks
- Fuel Tanks
- Steering Wheels
- Billboards
- Vinyl Flooring
- Tautliner Curtains
- Hub Caps
- Any Plastic or Vinyl